At Trade Winds Studios, we believe in the power of community and the crucial role of volunteers in effecting change. Our platform is the bridge connecting democratic organizations and campaigns with passionate volunteers.

Tailored for Democrats: Our platform meets the unique needs and values of democratic entities and volunteers.

User-Friendly: Both creators and participants enjoy a seamless experience, from sign up to the event day.

Impact-Focused: Every feature maximizes engagement and impact, supporting the Democratic cause.

Who is Trade Wind Studios?

Trade Winds Studios, Ltd is a LLC for David Thielen. It exists to provide software for the Democratic Party and Democratic Candidates.

David Thielen

March 2024: Hi; I'm David Thielen and using this application I assume you want to know who I am and why I'm providing this. So here's a short synopsis.

I've spent my professional life in the software industry, mostly in start-ups but I was a Senior Developer on the Win 95 team at Microsoft. In 2004 my wife & I started Windward Studios. We grew it over 17 years to become one of the major document generation applications. We then sold it to Apryse and I was looking for what to do next.

I talked to a number of people and decided that creating and providing applications that can be used by the Democratic Party and Democratic Candidates was the best way I can contribute to society. I have the skills to write software like this and I have the resources to provide it for free with no need to earn an income from it. (It's wonderful to now have "enough" so that I can focus on giving back.)

If you want to learn more about me, the below links will give you lot. (When searching the web, be aware there is another David Thielen who worked at Microsoft. Make sure you're reading of me, not him. And no, we've never met.) You're also welcome to email me.

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