Welcome Change Makers! — Ignite Your Drive For Change

We've developed a state-of-the-art web app to simplify your engagement with democratic candidate volunteer events, tailored to your interests. It's not just a tool — it's your personal assistant in making a difference.

Effortless Event Discovery

No more searching multiple sites or social media posts. Our app simplifies finding upcoming events.

Interactive Calendar

Plan your involvement easily with monthly or weekly views.

Smart Search

Find events in list or map format simultaneously.

Engaging Carousel

Browse our event carousel, highlighting one opportunity at a time, for a focused and immersive exploration.

AI-Powered Personalization

Our app's advanced AI learns from your interactions. By indicating interest in events or through your search patterns, it tailors suggestions based on your preferences.

Tailored Suggestions

Get event recommendations aligned with your interests and past participation, saving time on searching events.

More Impact - Less Effort

Stay focused on making an impact as our AI ensures relevant opportunities are readily available.

Your Involvement - Your Terms

Volunteering should be flexible, accessible, and personalized to your priorities. Click "interested" or "attending" to manage commitments and stay informed about events. Our platform fosters a community passionate about supporting democratic candidates and causes.

Ready to enter a world where finding and participating in volunteer events is personalized, intuitive, and impactful? Start your journey towards change with just one click.

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